Analytics portfolio

Attribution and business driver optimisation

Measure how much each of your marketing activities – media, social, promotions, price changes etc. – drives sales and optimise your activities accordingly.

Understand the variability of sales

Make a detailed collection of your sales data,

  • by channel
  • by region
  • in time
  • by customer or customer group.
In general, the higher the granularity, the better.

Collect data on business drivers

Bring together data from all activities you want to measure

  • Media plans and realised GRP, ad impressions, circulation numbers
  • Prices
  • Promotional activities, sales visits, mailings
  • Seasonality, weather, holidays

Build the best suited model

Build models based on the known sales mechanisms. Possible mechanisms include multi-step decision processes as well as saturation effects or synergies between activities or channels.

Obtain the impact of each driver and the contribution of each activity to sales.

Optimise the activity mix

Based on the measured impacts, the activity plan is optimised. In order to optimise profitatbility / ROI, cost data can be included.

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